Stone Island Lambswool Crew Knit Red



Release Date

Mon 12th Jun, 2017 8am GMT

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Release Date

Mon 12th Jun, 2017 8am GMT

If you’re a lemon squeezer / fridge freezer / Julius Ceaser or just a top geezer then you cant survive without this Stone Island Lambswool Crew Knit. You might be popping down to the battle cruiser with a couple of el chapo’s for a few cheekys this weekend, so ask yourself, will Susan behind the bar respect you if you haven’t got a Stoney on? No is the answer.

Complete with removable compass patch, just in case you have to walk home through a dodgy estate, and you don’t want any trouble now do ya?

We suggest going a size up in this jumper, not because you’ve been drinking too many pints, but because it fits a little on the tight side.

Sweet geez.

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£195 | TBC