MKI Mix Logo Hoody Grey



Release Date

Wed 5th Apr, 2017 8am GMT

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Release Date

Wed 5th Apr, 2017 8am GMT

This MKI MIYUKI ZOKU hoody initially looks like the text has been reversed but take a closer look at its just the letters rather than the whole words. This creates a really nice effect and adds a different touch to the new collection.

For those that dont know, Miyuki Zoku is pronounced Mee-You-Kee and were the first Japenese youth tribe to adopt elements of the US Ivy League look in 1964.

Miyuki is the store the tribe used to stand outside and Zoku means group / gang in Japanese.

This jumper also features a stitched brand logo just above the middle pocket which is a nice simple detail.

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£55 | TBC