Billionaire Boys Club

It’s a little known fact that Billionaire Boys Club was actually established by music artist Pharrell Williams and A Bathing Ape’s Nigo. Launched in Japan, the clothing line aims to offer the highest quality streetwear items on the market. Known for its iconic Spaceman logo, the brand is heavily inspired by exploration and delving into the unknown, and contrary to popular belief, money does not at all influence BBC’s collection as their name might insulate.Apart from their high quality pieces, their unique designs also play a huge part in why BBC is so successful. In fact, soon after the American-Japanese imprint launched, Jay Z entered a partnership with BBC in order to distribute the clothes through his Rocawear brand, and since its founding in 2005, BBC has expanded their collections to include childrenswear and womenswear, with the Billionaire Girls’ Club, which is designed by Youn. Another diffusion line was later released, dubbed the Bee Line, it paved the way to higher end and more mature and exclusive pieces, which was launched in collaboration with American fashion designer Mark McNairy.