Will the Box Logo or Tri-Ferg reign in 2018?

Time to cause some controversy, will Palace overtake Supreme in 2018? With Spring/Summer 18 sharply approaching it begs the question, which brand will be the most hyped this year.

Supreme has recently been valued at $1 Billion, that is a crazy amount of money. While the Tri-Ferg label has always been seen as its UK equivalent, Palace is now gaining notoriety overseas. I mean, I remember the days when you could walk into Preme’s Peter Street store and cop Palace items with ease, how times have changed.

The way we are going to be looking at this is hype, collabs and growth. So let’s get into it.


Let’s not get it twisted, both of these labels are going to sell out instantly but which drives the most hype? It’s a close call because Supreme will have stuff sit on site every week. If it isn’t as desirable or hold a high resale value then people aren’t copping.

When you go on Palace there will only be a smattering of goods. On the other hand, Supreme release collabs week after week and this is always the items that determine if the season is high heat or not. For this reason, we are still gonna give the hype aspect to Supreme.


We are going to focus on 2 guaranteed collabs. Supreme x Nike and Palace x adidas. It is almost like the 2 sportswear juggernauts have set their stalls out on the streetwear side of things too.

Nike went in HARD last year with banging release after banging release but their Supreme collabs weren’t great. The Uptempo was hyped AF but kinda dead. Then you had the Humara with matching tracksuits, again pretty shit.

Palace always go for the 3-Stripe and although the shoes aren’t great, the apparel is always on point. I mean, look at that bathrobe and tell us it isn’t dope. Palace take this round.


Both brands are at the pinnacle of their fields. Palace is obviously still a lot smaller with only 2 stores. This should mean that they easily take this round by venturing into new markets but we are not only talking about monetary values or growth in size.

Supreme, with the new investment and Louis Vuitton collab under their belt, are still venturing into new avenues and somewhat growing as a brand. The fashion industry are clambering to work with them and this gives them endless possibilities for expanding. So for this reason Supreme will still be the kings of streetwear in 2018, but only just.

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