What trends do you see being big in 2018?

The year 2017 has been a mad one for the fashion industry. There is now no distinguishable line between high fashion and streetwear, with much of the culture embracing these 2 worlds.

So to round the year off, we are going to run through what we feel were the 10 biggest trends of 2017. This is obviously all our own personal opinion so feel free to let us know what you were rocking in 2017 in the comments below.

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Chunky Sneakers.

As you all know, here at Above The Sole we are all massive sneaker heads. So we thought it would only be right to start of this list with a trainer trend. The chunky sneakers were everywhere in 2017, with the Balenciaga Triple S and Raf Simons Ozweego taking centre stage.

If you go anywhere in Central London, you will see the waviest of donnies rocking these creps.


Definitely not a new trend but it was still everywhere to be seen this year. With the rave revival in full swing, oversized fits, and in particular shirts and bottoms, were what everyone was rocking. With VETEMENTS and and Balenciaga at the forefront. All you need to do is look at Balenciaga’s oversized scarf to understand what we mean.


Stunting with a logo on your garms will always be something that people do. Yet, this was bought to a whole new realm in 2017. The resurgence of Kappa along with Supreme’s Louis Vuitton collab showed us that the more you plaster your logo on clothing, the better.

C2H4 x Kappa


Another huge part of the Rave Revival was the reintroduction of the famed sidebag. We all know what they are used for in the rave but this must have accessory was everywhere. With M+RC Noir, Places + Faces and Palace all using the side bag to the full effect.


As ever, this years fashion headlines were dominated by collabs. At the beginning of the year we were treated to the long awaited Supreme x Louis Vuitton capsule. Then towards the latter part of 2017 we had the OFF-WHITE x Nike collection. These 2 alone were enough to send streetwear enthusiasts into overdrive.

Louis Vuitton Has Been Crowned The Best Fashion Brand In The World


If you wanted to stay cosy in the Winter, then you should of been rocking a puffer jacket. Whether it be a high end one from Givenchy all the way down to a UNIQLO basic, this outerwear piece was a necessity.


The vintage vibes come back in force. We are talking classic logos and old school brands that people haven’t rocked in years. Plus if you can walk through Shoreditch without feeling like you are in the 90’s, we will be very impressed.


The side stripe tracksuit is cosy and chic all in one. Needles was endorsed by A$AP Rocky and every fashionista was rocking Palm Angels at some point. Then you had the ultra high end Gucci iterations. I personally nearly copped one of these, then realised I am not a baller.


We know this is hella generic but come on now, this year has been the year of streetwear. With brands like Supreme, Palace, Gosha and BAPE all becoming household names. Everyone and there nan was wearing a streetwear inspired outfit in 2017.

Workwear Reimagined

When I say OFF-WHITE, Heron Preston, A-COLD-WALL* and Yeezy, you are instantly thinking of workwear. These brands were at the forefront of arguably the biggest fashion trend of 2017 and show no signs of slowing down in 2018.