Off-white t-shirts

This seasons Off-White T-Shirts are FIRE.

Off-White T-Shirts are probably the most recognisable item in street wear right now. The diagonal stripes brand are known for their strong motifs and this seasons offerings are no different. If you’re looking to stand out in luxury street wear then look no further as we’ve trawled through all of our favourite retailers to give you a plethora of options.

Whether you’re looking for the Caravaggio, Monalisa print or Champion collab you’ll find it here. With the addition of so many Diagonal Stripes that you won’t know which one to pick.

The brand’s head honcho, Virgil Abloh, could be the highest regarded man in fashion right now with his deconstructed look taking the industry by storm. Whilst we wait for the second instalment from his much loved Nike collaboration, be sure to check out the pieces below. 

Which OFF-White Tee would you pick?

Off-White Long Sleeve Diagonal Camo Tee

Slim Caravaggio Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Off-White Peace Change Spliced Tee

Diags Fire Hand Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Off-White Map Spliced Tee

Oversize Monalisa Cotton Jersey Tee


Off-White Arrows Hand Tee

Oversize Diagonal Temperature Jersey T-Shirt

Off-White x Champion Tee

Oversize Fire Line Tape Jersey T-Shirt

Off-White Fold Off Spliced Tee

Oversize Fire Line Tape Jersey Long Sleeve

Off-White Temperature Spliced Tee

Off-White x Champion T-Shirt

Monalisa Slim Tee

Off-White Moto Spliced Tee

Oversize Mini Caravaggio T-Shirt

Off-White Arrows Slim Tee

Off-White accessories and more

This seasons offerings definitely don’t disappoint and the high heat tees are more than likely to sell out – so act fast if you’re looking to stunt in one of the above.

Alternately, if you’re on the hunt for some Off-White accessories then check out our guide, where you’ll find everything from belts, to scarfs and masks.

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