Locked In Time: This Gucci Padlock Is Actually A Watch

As far as watches are concerned, Gucci’s latest offering sits on the weirder side of the spectrum. Providing a twist on the traditional luxury watch, the Italian fashion house’s latest timepiece takes the shape of a padlock.

Featuring the brand’s signature green and red colourway, the padlock employs a Swiss-made quartz movement. Outfitted with a mother-of-pearl dial and sapphire crystal glass, it gives collectors a tasteful, creative accessory that’s outside the traditional range of high-end accessories. To round out the design, the Gucci Padlock comes accompanied with a leather holder.

The watch will set you back a cool $685, which converts to around £500. So if you’re planning to cop, make sure you have enough to pay the month’s rent first. In related news, Gucci spotlighted “romantic rebellion” for its Pre-Fall 2018 campaign. Click here to find out more.