It just seems that you cannot escape the Supreme hype this week. Not only have we had the Stone Island collaboration drop, a new store opening in Brooklyn AND the face that part of the company may be getting sold. Now, founder James Jebbia has sat down with GQ to discuss why he has opening this latest store.

“I wish people would understand why we have a line,” Jebbia tells Jake Woolf. “Because we don’t have many shops, we aren’t sold anywhere [but our own shops], and we have good stuff…but it shouldn’t be so difficult for people to come into our shops. We just want to have a space that, on a Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, people can just come to and walk in and check out our stuff.”

Take A Look Inside Supreme's New Brooklyn Store

Then he goes onto remark why he opened up a new store in Brooklyn specifically. “We looked in other neighbourhoods, but to be perfectly honest, Williamsburg was no more money than Bushwick,” Jebbia shares. “People say, ‘Oh, Williamsburg is already over,’ but we don’t really care. When we opened in Paris, we opened in the Marais. And when we opened in London, it was in Soho. These aren’t, like, edgy places. These are places where people—and young people—hang out. We don’t like to be in places where people don’t go.”

Discussing the possibility of opening more stores and expanding further he remarks: “We’re here for the long haul. A big shop in Manhattan would feel like we were betraying our roots. And we’re not just going to open a bunch of stores. We only open a new store when we do it right. The people we work with are super important, and we only do it when we feel it’s right.”

Let us know where you would like to see a Supreme store.

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Take A Look Inside Supreme's New Brooklyn Store